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Frequently asked questions



Go to the log – in site

Fill in the requested data

Decide, if you are the administrator, if you are not – please add the person being the administrator


As an administrator you are able to add other people from your company, who can set up projects for development and test

As an administrator you have the possibility to see the overview of running projects and a status on these


It is possible to test 3 types of projects in the WeZimplify

An idea project – which is a more open project, where you as a company need input on a more overall level and need to pretest, if the idea is interesting for potential users and experts.

A concept project, which a prototype of a potential idea. It can be screen dumps, an app, web or marketing material/videos, you as a company need more concrete feedback to.

A final launch, which is a final concept ready for launch. Here it is possible mainly be asked to test marketing, sales, packaging material etc. The questions and feedback are more concrete here.


First decide, if your input and feedback is related to an idea, a concept or a prototype. The process is more or less the same, but the questions and tasks will be more specific, if it is a concept or a prototype

A very important part is to be clear on your value proposition & scope of the project, we call this the ”Pitch”. The better a pitch you have – the better a result, you get.

You should all the time focus on: ”Why are you doing this project – and what need do you cover for your users/customers. You can also say, which problem are you solving?”

You can find more about starting up and pitching your project inside the platform here.


We only use the data for matching companies and experts with relevant projects and cases

The data and answers are anonymous and will only be used to give general feedback and data results to you as a company

If we want to use your input for quotes or other open feedback, you will be asked on beforehand.

Find more about out use of data here.


As WeZimplify is an open platform, we believe in working across areas in an open format is the way to success. All data on the platform are handled confidentially, so we don’t share your results with other companies. If you want to keep your idea confidential in some point, you can upload your idea as a fictive company, so it is not possible to see your logo and presentation as a company. It is not possible to download documents as an expert or a user.


Yes it is possible, both to be an expert and participate on other companies projects, and at the same time be a expert in a company, which has an account and set up a project.

You will though need to have two profiles. A company profile and an experts profile.


This part is still under development


You get a report, which highlight the most central areas, you need to focus on within your own project and what actions to take to make your project even better.

The report is designed, so you can pick and choose, which elements should be used for a presentation for your management team, your project team etc. It saves you time.


It can be difficult to use results in the right way, and it is very much up to you, how you want to use and implement the results. You can though buy our special consultancy team to come and work with you to implement the results in the right way.


Yes it is possible to invite the same experts. The experts will be asked to click yes to, that they want to participate in the next test of your project. You should just be aware that to keep momentum of your project, the timeframe between the tests, should not be too long.


As a company you can’t interact with the experts during your project.


Yes, you need to send a feedback to the experts participating. We will offer you this opportunity automatically. It is much more motivating to contribute, if you know more about the next step of the project and how your input was used.